Arcadia a division of Australian Scholarly Publishing 2010



Winner Judith Wright Poetry Prize 2011

Shortlist Queensland Premier's Literary Awards 2011





You can get only so close on google earth


                                         and it’s not close enough

 the birds-eye-view distorts to prismatic variations on grey, each block


could be a book, in a library where all the tomes are blank,

you can only guess at titles and the covers are permanently


closed. Even so, the plots all spill over, intersect;

so I don’t know what it is I’m doing, searching google earth,


trying to find my sister. In a blurred grey dream I can almost see her,

she’s with Alexander Dumas, rewriting a post-feminist D’Artagnan,


or else beside Hector Berlioz as he composes a contemporary sub-aural

carnival.She doesn’t want to tell me about her new therapist,


Charcot, yes Freud’s teacher, though this most of all seems apposite

—since hysteria is their shared speciality. Why, in waking life,


am I intent on finding her in that Parisian cemetery where she now

lies? As if locating her on this distant desktop, would prove


that like Snow White she sleeps a virtual sleep?  I seek her out on google

earth but even as she approaches me, she distorts, is abstract once again.






Winner Rosemary Dobson Poetry Award 2007