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Lothian Children's Books, a division of Hachette Livre 2008





Claire Saxby Aussie Reviews:

"... It is as much about life and philosophy as it is about the pursuit of a particular goal. There is a plot, where Jones is the antagonist, the obstacle to a small girl reaching her goal. But there is much more. There are insights into the connected/unconnected nature of daydreaming and how this can lead to unexpected discoveries. There are suggestions about letting go of expectations in order to see clearly. The illustrations are in watercolour, full of scribbles and almost abstract images. The colours are beautiful. They wander through the pages much as the character wanders through her journey. Recommended for early- to mid-primary readers, philosophers, lovers of drawing, daydreaming and watercolours."



I loved this book and the ideas and pictures lingered in my mind long after I read it." 
Pat Pledger ReadPlus


David's Pick of the Month (Adelaide's Child):

"This is a beautifully realised book that can be enjoyed on many levels. For children, it's a meditation about perspective in art and the world around them, and for older readers, it can be seen as the journey of man and woman through life. As the little girl says, it all depends on your point of view. Highly recommended for ages 6 and up."


Listed on Great Reads 2010 for children aged 5-8, Directory of Queensland public libraries